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New Arrivals - Downloadable Audio Books

Traces the author's experiences as a young bullied Jewish-Russian immigrant in Queens, his haphazard college pursuits, and his initial forays into a literary career.

Warren lives a world of adventure every day in his after-school job where he slays monsters and finds a tremendous challenge facing a Gorgon that he must battle without his sword.

Ram Charan shows how top companies approach leadership development as a core competency, recognizing that an adaptable leadership pool is a competitive advantage, and focusing their attention on bringing out the best in the leaders they have.

Follows Hetty "Handful" Grimke, a Charleston slave, and Sarah, the daughter of the wealthy Grimke family. The novel begins on Sarah's eleventh birthday, when she is given ownership over Handful, who is to be her handmaid. "The Invention of Wings" follows the next thirty-five years of their lives. Inspired in part by the historical figure of Sarah Grimke (a feminist, suffragist and, importantly, an abolitionist), Kidd allows herself to go beyond the record to flesh out the inner lives of all the characters, both real and imagined.

A town boy sent to live on a remote wilderness farm forms a friendship with an elderly, disfigured man who teaches him many things.

Garland offers an innovative, accessible new guide on how to market, promote and improve your business, while offering practical advice, as opposed to fluffy theory. Drawing from his own extensive experiences as a successful entrepreneur, Garland will help listeners save time, money, and aggravation whether they're building their 10th business or their first.

The founder of Blackwater, the world's most controversial military contractor, describes how the company took on high-risk security jobs around the world, completing nearly 100,000 missions in Afghanistan and Iraq, only to have opponents tarnish their reputation.

Having separated from the one-armed trapper who taught him how to survive in the wilderness of the Old West, fifteen-year-old Francis gets lost and continues to have adventures involving dangerous men and a friendly mule.

Twelve-year-old Katy always planned to do a great many wonderful things but in the end did something she never planned at all.

Travel north--beyond the Arctic Circle--to Barrow, Alaska, and meet the proud Iñupiaq people. For thousands of years they have hunted whales on the open sea, but now global climate change threatens their way of life. The whale hunt is about to begin, and you're invited to come along! Just as soon as the ice covering the ocean cracks apart, the whales will appear. Set out with the Iñupiaqs in their bearded-sealskin boats to hunt bowhead whales, and witness a tradition that has been followed for 3,000 years. So grab some warm clothes and loosen up your throwing arm--the hunt is on!

Gordon presents a powerful business fable about Nancy--the newly anointed CEO of America's Favorite Soup Company. The business has fallen on hard times, but after a fateful lunch experience, Nancy becomes inspired. She then comes up with innovative strategies to turn the company around and get it back on its feet.

When Invisible Man first appeared in 1952, it remained on best-seller lists for 16 weeks, won the National Book Award, and established Ralph Ellison as one of the pillars of 20th-century American literature. Expelled from a southern black college for introducing a white trustee to some local color, a nameless young man moves to Harlem. There he embarks on what will become a life-long search for truth and a better life. Learning that his former headmaster's letters of recommendation are derogatory only adds to his growing sense of disillusionment. In his search for some degree of social visibility, he becomes a spokesman for a group of activists known as 'the Brotherhood.' Unfortunately, their agenda proves more important to them than racial equality. Although this book chronicles a young black man's search for identity through a maze of American intolerance, it is much more than a story of racial prejudice. It speaks of each individual's search for justice and truth in an increasingly devious and complex world. Peter Francis James' expert narration gives powerful voice to an important message.

Discusses the 1911 fire that killed 146 New York garment factory workers, the conditions that led up to it, and some of the legislation that came about to prevent the occurrence of similar disasters.

Kay illustrates how setting goals of quality rather than quantity often contributes to success and happiness in business and in life. He then goes on to point out many of the traps and pitfalls associated with a more direct approach to achieving one's goals. Counterintuitive, and yet grounded in common sense, Obliquity will change the way we think about success and how it is achieved.

In a drunken haze Michael Henchard sells his wife and child to a sailor for five guineas at the local fair. The next morning Henchard awakes, realizes the magnitude of what he has done, and swears he will not drink again. More than two decades later, Henchard has grown wealthy and is the Mayor of Casterbridge--but he can never escape the tragic repercussions of his past.

Hatton provides the true, inside story of the UCLA Olympic Laboratory--the drug-detection team that tests athletes for banned performance-enhancing drugs, focusing on the 2002 Olympics, in which 3 cross-country skiers were stripped of their medals because the "night Olympic team" worked tirelessly to test and expose a brand new performance-enhancing drug.

Unveiling the principle of "Massive Action," Cardone shows individuals how to push past the standard three levels of action and push on to the fourth--the level of action that guarantees the realization of goals and dreams. Exploding business myths and clich?, The 10X Rule is indispensible for anyone looking to remove luck and chance from his or her business equation.

Fifteen-year-old Rilla, the daughter of Anne Shirley Blythe, grows from a carefree, irresponsible girl into a strong and capable young woman during the war years, 1914-1918.

Taken from her home on an Aegean island as a six-year-old girl, Anaxandra calls on the protection of her goddess while she poses as two different princesses over the next six years, before ending up as a servant in the company of Helen and Paris as they make their way to Troy.

Sean O'Neil, CEO of the sales and management training and recruitment company One to One Leadership, teams up with management expert John Kulisek to offer a breakthrough program for managers looking to get the most out of their subordinates. By first identifying the 16 different employee types, O'Neil and Kulisek go on to outline strategies for effectively driving their performance.

Maggie Tulliver is a girl of uncontrollable romantic ideals. But her brother, along with most of society, cannot accept her brashness and vitality. Narrator Jill Tanner gracefully unfolds this tragic tale of love and loss.

When a girl she had met at an inner city church is murdered, fifteen-year-old Macey channels her grief into a school project that leads her to uncover prejudice she had not imagined in her grandparents and their wealthy Connecticut community.

Warrillow speaks from personal experience when he chronicles the tale of Alex--the head of a start-up advertising agency looking to sell his profitable business. The key, according to family friend Ted, is to build a successful business that stands on its own once its creator is out of the picture. Ted goes further and outlines strategies designed to build just such a company.

Three timeless stories that will whisk you into exotic lands and unforgettable adventures.