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New Arrivals - Gardening, pets, and agriculture

Written for new growers, Marijuana Daily Gardening guides you through the set up and day-to-day operation of a personal marijuana garden. Whether you're a medical cannabis grower, or a recreational marijuana user who just wants to produce high quality buds without the hassle of buying expensive equipment or running up huge electricity bills, this book is for you.

In Team Dog, Mike taps into fifteen years? worth of experience, explaining in accessible and direct language, the science behind the importance of gaining a dog?s trust and then offering invaluable steps for how to achieve any level of obedience. His unique approach uses entertaining examples and anecdotes from his work with dogs on and off the battlefield and direct tips from the Navy SEAL guidebook to teach dog owners how to: choose the perfect dog for their household, establish themselves as the ?team leader,? master ?command and control,? employ ?situational awareness,? and to solidify their dog?s position as the family?s ultimate best friend.

LaManda Joy, the founder of Chicago?s Peterson Garden Project and a board member of the American Community Gardening Association, has worked in the community gardening trenches for years and brings her knowledge to the wider world in Start a Community Food Garden. This hardworking guide covers every step of the process: fundraising, community organizing, site sourcing, garden design and planning, finding and managing volunteers, and managing the garden through all four seasons. A section dedicated to the basics of growing was designed to be used by community garden leaders as an educational tool for teaching new members how to successfully garden.

Explains how to get started on your allotment, from finding and applying for a site to assessing the conditions, planning the design and planting your first crops. Contains step-by-step instructions for essential techniques, such as testing the soil, weeding, composting, planting, sowing seeds, propagating and fertilizing.