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New Arrivals - Kids - DVDs

The Chuggers have a need for speed! Koko is practicing high-speed acceleration at the Chugasonic Speedway with Hanzo and Brewster is laying the first pieces of track for the high-speed link to Tootington!

The program teaches young viewers that, for food to be of use to our body's cells, food needs to be broken down and absorbed into the bloodstream. It is the job of the digestive system, a complex series of tools designed to reduce nutrients to a form that can be delivered to cells. Kids will also learn that waste products and indigestible materials must be removed from the body. It is the role of the excretory system, which includes the liver, lungs, kidneys and the skin.

Become a Magical Color Caller and go on a color expedition with the clever kids on the Snapatoonies train, calling out all the shapes and colors you see along the way!

Discover how these two very important bodily systems work together to help keep us alive through a process called cellular respiration. A close-up look at the components of our blood: plasma, red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets, demonstrates how critical blood is to our survival. Pumped by the heart through a vast network of vessels, our blood is the ultimate pick-up and delivery system, providing nutrients, carrying away harmful waste, and fighting against disease and infection.

"Madison loves all the colours. You will discover many different colours and the world around you as Madison takes you on a four season colour adventure."--Container insert.

Defines and helps children explore terms like change of state, freeze, liquid, and state of matter. Through video footage, photographs, diagrams, and colorful, animated graphs and labels, kids will see and hear the terms used in a variety of contexts, providing students with a model for how to appropriately use the words. Related words are also used and reinforced with visuals and text.

Clever catchy songs to have children dancing and singing along. See how animals today compare with some of the amazing dinosaurs. Children will learn how many animals today have lots of things in common with the dinosaurs. Every child loves dinosaurs, especially when there are fun dinosaur songs to sing and dance too.

Viewers will learn about the three key components of the nervous system; the brain, spinal cord and nerves; all made up of special cells called neurons that transmit electrical impulses throughout the body. They'll discover the different types of neuron, sensory, motor and associative; each with a specialized function. Reflex actions are discussed, as well as an in-depth look at the three main parts of the brain: cerebrum, cerebellum and brain stem.

"Counting is so much fun! I have some friends coming by to say hello. Let's count them together. Are you ready? Let's go."--Container insert.

Kids will understand the differences between asteroids, comets and meteors, as well as comprehend the history and importance of our moon and our planet. The program begins with a simple definition. The term is repeated numerous times by the narrator and the text shown on-screen. This helps clarify pronunciation and provides opportunities to transfer words from working to long-term memory.

Nathan just loves numbers! Join him along with the clever kids on the Snapatoonies train as he counts up every one of his friends, and rhymes his way from zero through ten!

Bailey, an adventurous and inquisitive kid, explores the world with the help of his two friends Boggs, a mischievous frog and Maggie, the magical magnifying glass. Bailey learns about the wind, as he experiences it. With help from Maggie and Bailey, viewers learn about the complexity of wind and air, and they come to understand that air is moving all around them.