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New Arrivals - Kids - Things That Go

When a speedy train challenges Huff and Puff to a race, the caboose and engine must find out it slow and steady can win the race.

Foreman Farley has to build a new school. What does he need? A crane, a bulldozer, a dump truck, and more! Can he get the job done?

Otis the tractor is happy to go home and rest after a very busy day of working on the farm and playing with friends.

Five different trucks do five different jobs to get an airplane ready for takeoff.

Gigantic roving shadows and monster-size footprints test the engines' bravery.

Bobby thinks his teacher, Ms. Kirby, is horrible, but when he sees her outside of school and they spend a day in the park together, he discovers she might not be so bad after all.