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New Arrivals - Music CDs

Jon Pardi releases his debut album. His high-energy approach, perfected on stages throughout his native California, has its stamp all over the album. It also includes the hit single Missin' You Crazy.

Yanni has enlisted the talents of some of opera's biggest stars to give voice to his music. His timeless hits have been transformed by the addition of lyrics, most of them written by Placido Domingo, Jr.

Ronnie James Dio, one of the most celebrated voices in rock, is remembered with performances from some of the biggest heavyweights in music.

In March 2013, My Chemical Romance shocked fans with the sudden announcement of their split. One year later the band is releasing their first best-of collection, which includes the previously unreleased track Fake Your Death.

Throughout its epic run, the music of Doctor Who has become almost as iconic as the series' eponymous main character. Like the Doctor himself (played in this incarnation by the manic Matt Smith), the music of Doctor Who: Series 7 embodies the ramshackle mischievousness of the show's protagonist, blending the playful and the serious to create the kind of multi-faceted score that only this show could support.

Angel Olsen creates a collection of songs that stemmed from a year of heartbreak, travel, and transformation. Her latest album sees her singing with full-throated exultation and bold, expressive melody.