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Do you remember the chile rellenos at Casa Mayan or perhaps the cannolis from Carbones? Join authors Robert and Kristen Autobee for a discussion of Denver's culinary past and their book, Lost Restaurants of Denver. The book is full of success stories and recipies from waitresses, chefs, owners, and suppliers. 

Authors Robert and Kristin Autobee are taking us on a tour down memory lane. Join us and you’ll leave with great memories and a know-how on how to prepare old favorites like the hearty helpings from the Hungry Dutchman or the dainty morsels from the Denver Dry Goods Tearoom.   

Robert and Kristen Autobee
Thursday, August 13     6 p.m.



Turn on the evening news and you’re sure to be overwhelmed with a barrage of complicated issues affecting our world. From digital privacy to ongoing conflicts in the Middle East, the controversies and challenges seem never ending. Have you ever wished you better understood what these issues really involve?

Join us for in-depth conversations about some of today's most complicated and important U.S. foreign policy topics. The eight-week program begins August 26 through October 28.
Columbine Library is hosting the next series which occurs Wednesdays at 3 p.m. and we provide the materials you need to participate.

  • August 26  Introductions and pick up materials (23 copies of materials are available)
  • September 9  Russia and the Near Abroad
  • September 16  Privacy in the Digital Age
  • September 23  Sectarianism in the Middle East
  • September 30  India Changes Course
  • October 7  The United States and Africa
  • October 14  Syria's Refugee Crisis
  • October 21  Human Trafficking
  • October 28  Brazil's Metamorphosis

Reservations are not required. In order to fully engage, we recommend participants read each article prior to the discussions. Articles and materials will be covered at the August 26 meeting.



Last Friday, we selected 58 people from the folks who logged their minutes last week to receive some awesome prizes, including a Karate Birthday Party, a gift certificate to Denver Zipline Tours and 28 Me & Earl & Dying Girl lunch bags. And I can promise you that this week's prizes are going to be just as cool! Don’t forget to check your email to see if you’ve won! 

If you or your kiddo are picking up a prize from your local library this week, we would LOVE it if you’d share a photo of you at your library with your prize with us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook

Here are just some of the adorable photos we’ve seen so far: 

Don’t forget to keep logging your minutes! We’ve still got tons of prizes to give away next week! 

PS: Mark your calendars for our It’s a Wrap Party on August 23rd at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds. We’re going to have bouncy castles, live music, big trucks, race cares, giant boards games AND we’re holding a grand prize drawing to win a Leapfrog tablet (for one lucky pre-reader) or a Kindle Fire HD (for one lucky child, teen and adult). 


What’s the last thing you read for fun? A book? A magazine by the pool? Facebook? Make reading a habit by doing it every day!

Yes, it can be difficult to find the time, but it’s also doable with a little extra effort. As a busy parent, I need to get creative with my reading time since I’m usually too tired at the end of the day to sneak it in. One way I sneak in reading is by keeping a book or magazine in the car or on my phone. Did you know you can download magazines and books from our website using your library card? Try it and you’ll always have something available for those times when you find yourself sitting at soccer practice, in between events at a swim or track meet, or waiting for your child in the car. Another idea?  I prop a book on the bathroom sink when I’m drying my hair and easily get in about 10-15 minutes of reading. You can also sneak reading time in by downloading an audiobook and listening to it while you drive or workout.

How do you sneak reading into your daily life? We want to share those ideas with others and keep people reading so we're having a little contest. All you have to do is:

  1. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
  2. Share your secret to sneaking reading for fun into your day with us on either Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using #reason2read.
  3. Check out what other people are posting to learn more secrets to finding time to read.
  4. Wait until August 22nd to see if you’ve won!

We’re giving our winner an awesome Summer Reading prize package consisting of Five Free Entrees to a local restaurant, a coupon for the Fall Whale of a Used Book Sale and some awesome library swag!

Tell us your ideas this week on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #reason2read so others can benefit from your creativity.


There are lots of reasons to make reading part of your life.  Studies have shown that reading can help or maybe event prevent the progress of Alzheimer’s and Dementia since it keeps your brain engaged. Reading can help reduce stress and improve your memory. It can improve focus, concentration and thinking skills. And, it’s free entertainment.

Visit us in person or online and check out all we have to offer – for free! We have nearly every subject you can imagine and we’re constantly getting new books.  You can see what’s on order, download magazines, eBooks, and audiobooks. Or check out movies, books, and audiobooks the traditional way by visiting us in person. We can’t wait to show you our stuff!

Why do you read?  Tell us on your reason on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using #reason2read.


Shawn Tateyama of Golden is the lucky reader who logged the 10 millionth minute in Jefferson County Public Library’s Summer Reading Challenge. She receives a family prize of four Firehouse Subs and bragging rights in Jefferson County Public Library’s Summer Reading Challenge.

Shawn was excited to learn she won a prize and shared with me a story. In June, she went to the  Belmar library to sign her kids, Preston (grade 4) and Peyton (grade 2), up for summer reading. While there, the kids thought it would be more fun if they all did it together. Shawn says summer reading has turned into a friendly competition between the three of them to see who can read the most minutes. (Shawn is a first grade teacher in Jeffco and understands the importance of getting kids to read!)

How do you get your kids to read? Tell us on Facebook, or on Twitter or Instagram using #reason2read. 

One more thing -  nearly 28,000 people have signed up and have been logging their time. Several hundred have won random weekly prize drawings. We want to exceed 30,000 readers so we’re asking you to encourage your family, friends, and neighbors to join the effort.  They can still sign up, log their reading minutes on jeffcolibrary.org, and be eligible to win prizes throughout the summer. There’s also a grand prize drawing to win a Leapfrog tablet (for one lucky pre-reader) or a Kindle Fire HD (for one lucky child, teen and adult) that will be awarded at a concluding event Sunday, August 23 at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds.


Colorado author Cynthia Swanson is coming to Arvada Library to discuss her debut novel, The Bookseller. The Library Journal describes her book as “a stunner of a debut novel, astonishingly tight and fast paced. The 1960s tone is elegant and even, and Kitty's journey is intriguing.”

Set in Denver in the 1960s, the story features Kitty who runs a local bookstore with her best friend when she finds the line between her reality and dreams blurred.

Swanson is a student of the Lighthouse Writer’s Workshop and lives in Washington Park with her husband and three children.  

6:30 p.m.  
Tuesday, August 4
Arvada Library


Our friends at Scholastic offer these 9 Tips to Inspire Family Reading and we have some of our own ideas to share:

  • Set a Family Summer Reading goal. Add up all the time your family members have read so far, then set a family goal to strive for during the last four weeks of the program. Decide on a prize for achieving that goal. We have free ice cream cones from McDonald’s for our finishers. Maybe a “Family Ice Cream Night” is a good way to celebrate your summer of reading.
  • Nourish your meal times. Make time to cook and eat together. My family has always enjoyed playing “Spin the Fork” at dinnertime. This family tradition came about when we were frustrated by too many people talking all at once. We simply take a fork, spin it, and whoever the prongs are pointing to gets “uninterrupted” time to share what happened during the day or discuss whatever might seem important at the time. Everybody gets a turn! 
  • Play some Family Karaoke. Whether it’s using a Wii game or just downloading song lyrics, seeing the words and singing them at the same time builds vocabulary.
  • Visit jeffcolibrary.org. Ask your kids to show you the databases they use in school that are located on our website. Download an e-book. Check out or download an audiobook. Or just snoop around - you may be surprised at what you can find!
  • Make driving fun. You can easily incorporate reading activities on road trips.

Sign up for Summer Reading and Read. Log Minutes. Win Prizes.


As you reach the mid-point of the Summer Reading Challenge, there’s a lot to celebrate!

You’ve helped  Jefferson County reach an initial reading goal of 1,000,001 minutes, then within just a few weeks, hit the revised goal of 10 million minutes. You’ve encouraged your family, friends and coworkers to signup, you’ve logged your time, and maybe you even won a prize.

So let’s change it up a bit and focus on you! What was your Summer Reading goal? Have you also exceeded the number of minutes you aimed to read? Did you already revise and increase your original goal?

If so, it’s time for you to stop by the library and pick up your Finisher Prize for achieving your personal goal – a free ice cream cone (donated by McDonald’s). And if you’re an adult, you get a $3 coupon for the Jefferson County Library Foundation’s Fall Whale Sale.

There’s also a Certificate of Achievement you can download for your children (or even yourself)!  Go ahead! Hang that certificate on your fridge and celebrate your accomplishment.

And keep reading and logging your time. We still have lots of prizes to randomly award to people who continue to log their reading time. Even if you’ve already won once, you can win again!



Week 6 has come to a close.  Today we gave away more than 75 prizes.  To date, we’ve awarded hundreds of prizes to people who are reading and logging their time.

We thought it might be fun to share with you the top reading amounts for schools and each age category. Our top overall reader comes from the 6 to 11 age group, having read and logged 11,613 minutes (or an average of 4.7 hours a day). Wow!


  • Top Reading School: West Jefferson Middle – 17,414
  • Top High School: Arvada West – 10,410
  • Top Middle School: West Jefferson Middle – 17,414
  • Top Elementary School: Dennison – 10,342
  • Top Charter School: Jefferson Academy – 12,271

Age Groups

  • Top Reader: All age groups - 11,613 minutes
  • Ages 0 -5: 2,880
  • Ages 12 – 18: 7,200
  • Ages 6 – 11:   11,613
  • Ages 19+ : 10,080

Don’t forget to log your reading time. We have 27,401 registered readers but only 4,135 readers who logged time this week were eligible for the weekly prize drawing. We have a few more weeks of prize drawings, then we will award our grand prize drawings for Kindle Fires (three winners from ages 6+) and a LeapFrog Tablet (ages 0 -5).

Mark your calendar to attend the free It’s a Wrap Party on Sunday, August 23 at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds.