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Confidentiality Policy

Policy Statement

Jefferson County Public Library patrons have the legal right to privacy in use of the Library. The provisions of the Colorado Library Law (CRS 24-90-119) protect the fundamental freedom of privacy and confidentiality of a patron’s Library record.

According to the Colorado Library Law and Jefferson County Public Library policy, staff members may not disclose information about a cardholder’s record or use of the Library to anyone other than the cardholder; except in the following cases:

  • Court order
  • Written permission from the cardholder, or
  • At the request of a parent or guardian, who has the library card or card number of his/her minor under the age of 17.

JCPL staff shall consider use of the Library, questions asked, materials borrowed, attendance at Library programs, and the presence of the patron in the Library, as being protected by this law.

In addition, JCPL will ensure the confidentiality of a patron’s library record, account, and Library presence by securing and limiting access to these same records and tapes to only approved staff members. 

As allowed under subsection (2) of CRS 24-90-119, JCPL staff will use identifying information to accomplish the work of the Library.  Identifying information includes – but is not limited to – e-mails, phone numbers, mailing addresses and other contact information. 

The Library Board of Trustees designates the Executive Director as the legal Custodian of Library records.

  1. The Executive Director, as the Custodian of Library records, appoints the Deputy Executive Director, Director of Public Services, the Director of Administrative Services, and the Director of IT and Operational Services as designees to respond to requests made by law enforcement for access to patron records or security video in the absence of the Executive Director.
  2. The Executive Director shall be responsible for ensuring that the JCPL Confidentiality Policy is implemented in all public libraries.
  3. All JCPL staff members are required to comply with the Colorado Library Law and follow JCPL Confidentiality Policy and procedures. Willful violation exposes individuals to penalties under Colorado Library Law and disciplinary action from the Library.
  4. The Library will support the actions of any staff member who handles a confidentiality request in compliance with the Colorado Library Law and JCPL Confidentiality Policy.
  5. Any time a city, county, state or federal law enforcement agent requests information about a Library patron including review of security video, JCPL staff members shall refer the agent to the Executive Director or his/her designee in his/her absence.