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Internet Use & Safety

Policy Statement
The Internet contains a wide variety of material and opinions from various points of view. Not all sources provide information that is accurate, complete or current, and some information may be considered offensive or inappropriate for certain age groups. It is the goal of JCPL to provide a comfortable and welcoming environment for all ages. While Library staff recommends interesting and useful Internet destinations consistent with the Library mission and Collection Development Guidelines, each individual is responsible for his or her own appropriate use of the Internet in a public place.

Internet Filters
Jefferson County Public Library complies with state and federal law mandating the use of filtering software in public libraries. Internet filters are software programs that block access to content that is considered to be inappropriate for viewing in a public place. At JCPL, the filter blocks images for adults and sites for children and teens that depict pornography. Wireless devices used in the library are blocked by site.  This includes materials accessed through the Internet that are intended to be sexually arousing or erotic, including but not limited to fetish pages, animation, cartoons, stories and child pornography.

JCPL’s filtering software is not intended to block artistic/literary sites/images or sites/images that provide scientific or medically accurate information regarding general, sexual or reproductive health.

No filtering software is totally accurate. Filters may falsely block material that is appropriate in a public library setting or they may fail to block access to illegal or pornographic material. Customers may submit a Web Site Suggestion Form to block or unblock a specific site. Jefferson County Public Library will respond to questions and concerns regarding the filter's accuracy by communicating with the filtering software vendor towards improving its product.

No filtering software can provide perfect security against explicit pictures. As with other Library materials, the use of the Internet by a child (under 17 years of age) is ultimately the sole responsibility of the parent or guardian.
See the Internet Filtering FAQ for more information.

The following rules are endorsed by Jefferson County Public Library.

  1. All users are responsible for obeying state and federal laws.
  2. All users are responsible for protecting copyright laws and licensing agreements and paying fines and charges for overdue/lost library materials and fee-based services.
  3. Users may not attempt unauthorized access (including the disabling of filters or hacking) to any computer system.
  4. All users should be cautious about providing personal information while using chat rooms, email, instant messaging, discussion groups, newsgroups, game rooms and all other forms of online communications.
  5.  Jefferson County Public Library does not encrypt data sent or received through our Internet services so the connection should not be considered secure.
  6.  Jefferson County Public Library has a no-tolerance policy for accessing pornography via the Internet. Anyone accessing pornographic sites/images in the public library will be asked to stop viewing sexually explicit images.  If the patron does not comply this is a violation of the disturbance policy and staff may end their computer session and/or ask the patron to leave for the day.
  7. Safety of minors - The use of the Internet by a child (under 17 years of age) is ultimately the sole responsibility of the parent or guardian.
  8. Safety of minors - Chat rooms, email and other online communications are not permitted in the Children’s Departments.
  9. Safety of minors - Those using the Internet should not make unauthorized disclosure or dissemination of a minor’s (anyone under 17 years of age) personal information while using the Internet, email or other online communications.
  10. Safety of minors - Minors using the Internet must have authorization from a parent or guardian to disclose their personal information.

The Executive Director of the Library shall:

  1. Develop rules and procedures to ensure fair and reasonable use of the Internet.
  2. Monitor compliance with NCIPA requirements and other regulations.