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Movie Monday: Finding Nemo anniversary

Chandra, Belmar Library

Happy anniversary to Nemo, Dory and the whole Finding Nemo crew! It's been ten years since the movie debuted in theaters in June 2003. To celebrate, here are some interesting tidbits about the movie.

"Nemo first appeared as a stuffed toy on a couch in Boo's room in Monsters, Inc.. This movie introduces the main characters of post-2003 Pixar films. A boy in the dentist's office is reading a "Mr. Incredible" comic book, anticipating The Incredibles. Luigi the car is driving by the dentist's office, anticipating Cars." -- imdb.com

"Rendering a frame which lasted about 1/24th of a second in the film could take up to four days because of the complexity of the underwater environment with sunlight coming through the water and hitting fish scales." -- imdb.com

"Pixar developed a very realistic look of the surface water, but had to make it look more fake so people wouldn't think it was real footage of the ocean surface. " -- imdb.com

"This is the first time real blood was seen in a Pixar movie." -- pixar.wikia.com

Fascinating stuff, eh?