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Briana, Evergreen Library

Orleans starts with an intriguing question: what if Hurricane Katrina was only the beginning?

In this futuristic sci-fi story, the 2005 storm is followed by a series of increasingly devastating hurricanes. Living conditions become horrific for those who choose to stay on the Gulf Coast, and by 2025 the outbreak of a deadly plague called Delta Fever prompts the U.S. government to quarantine the entire region. Fast forward a few more decades, and the survivors in Orleans live in tribes according to blood type - a characteristic more important than any other, as blood type dictates one's susceptibility to Delta Fever.

When 15 year-old Fen's tribal leader, Lydia, dies just after giving birth, Fen commits herself to honoring Lydia's wish that her child make it to the Outer States - the place beyond the wall that separates Orleans from the U.S. Along the way she meets Daniel, a young scientist who illegally crossed the wall and believes he can find a cure to Delta Fever.

Orleans is told through alternating viewpoints, and though Fen's native dialect is tricky at first, it does not detract from the power of the story. This is a fast-paced adventure with compelling themes - climate change, racism, and human survival.

Chandra, Belmar Library

Happy anniversary to Nemo, Dory and the whole Finding Nemo crew! It's been ten years since the movie debuted in theaters in June 2003. To celebrate, here are some interesting tidbits about the movie.

"Nemo first appeared as a stuffed toy on a couch in Boo's room in Monsters, Inc.. This movie introduces the main characters of post-2003 Pixar films. A boy in the dentist's office is reading a "Mr. Incredible" comic book, anticipating The Incredibles. Luigi the car is driving by the dentist's office, anticipating Cars." --

"Rendering a frame which lasted about 1/24th of a second in the film could take up to four days because of the complexity of the underwater environment with sunlight coming through the water and hitting fish scales." --

"Pixar developed a very realistic look of the surface water, but had to make it look more fake so people wouldn't think it was real footage of the ocean surface. " --

"This is the first time real blood was seen in a Pixar movie." --

Fascinating stuff, eh?

Arra, Lakewood Library

Looking for something to do this week?  Join us at the library for a free event:

Below the Surface - Body Art
Local tattoo artist, Samuel Clark of Tempest Custom Tattooing, explores the cultural significance, history and science of this ancient art form. Afterwards, design your own temporary tattoo!
Columbine Library - Monday, June 10th 2:30-3:30

Backyard Bones
Be prepared when you find a dinosaur in your yard. Learn how to preserve bones with Dinosaur Ridge. Come dressed to get messy.
Edgewater Library - Tuesday, June 11th 2-3
Belmary Library - Wednesday, June 12th 4-5
Wheat Ridge Library - Thursday, June 13th 4-5

Ghost Hunting 101
Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society will introduce you to ghost hunting and the science and equipment used to detect ghosts and paranormal activity.
Arvada Library - Tuesday, June 11th 6-7
Conifer Library - Saturday, June 15th 2-3

Teen Time: Friday Night at the Library
Join us on the second Friday of each month for an evening of activities just for teens! Watch a movie, play board games, create a craft - or just hang out with friends on a night when the library is all yours! Snacks will be provided.

Read it / See it
Read the book - watch the movie
Arvada Library - Saturday, June 15th 1-3

Arra, Lakewood Library
Briana, Evergreen Library

Every spring, we at the Evergreen reference desk get scores of questions about daily life in Shakespearean England. What did ordinary people wear? How did life in the country differ from life in the city? What holidays did people celebrate? Nerd Alert: I love these questions. They give me an opportunity to use one of my favorite databases, Daily Life Through History.

Daily Life Through History covers thousands of years of history in virtually every corner of the world, from the Australian Aborigines of 10,000 years ago to 1943’s Zoot Suit Riots. It includes articles on eras and analysis of historical events and culture. Within each era are articles about families, entertainment, literature, and other aspects of domestic life. You can browse topics or search for specific information. Plus, there are photos, maps, and videos, too. Next time you have a daunting project for history or English, ask your friendly librarian about Daily Life Through History.

Amy, Edgewater Library

It is 70 years in the future- chocolate and coffee are illegal, paper is rare, water is rationed and New York City is full of crime and poverty.  Anya’s life is almost normal (she goes to school, tends to her grandmother and siblings) despite everything until her ex boyfriend is poisoned by the chocolate her family makes.  She finds herself in the spotlight--at school, in the news, and most importantly, within her mafia family. I loved this suspenseful fantasy very much. Of course, the title also reminded me of one of my favorite Killers’ songs of the same title.


Tana, Arvada Library

ANOTHER Shakespeare movie?!  Yes, indeed!  And this one is directed by Joss Whedon, of Marvel Avenger's, Serenity, Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog, and Toy Story fame.  He is a multi-talented guy who writes scripts and comic books as well as directs. Some of his more notable comic books include Astonishing X-Men, Runaways, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Angel: After the Fall

So why Shakespeare?  Why not!?  Much Ado About Nothing, written over 400 years ago, is one of Shakespeare's most beloved comedies -- offering up lively humor, intersperced with thoughtful meditations on politics, honor and the nature of shame.  Plus, no one dies!  Yay! 

Whedon's take on Much Ado is shot in a very arty black and white which renders up each face in loving, graphic detail; perfectly complimenting the slamming wit of our beloved bard. 

Arra, Lakewood Library

History books don't have to be booring.  Try reading about history in a new format:


Erin, Golden Library

The Teen Summer Reading Club starts today! If you haven't already signed up, you can sign up online or sign up at one of our libraries. Play Bingo and get free stuff! Also be sure and check out some of the great programs we'll have this summer. Hope to see you there!


Pam, Standley Lake Library

Join us at 1:00 pm, Saturday June 1st at Standley Lake Library for an all-time favorite movie. Feel free to come in costume!  Popcorn and lemonade will be provided.  Watch the trailer for a preview! Kick off the summer in style and don't forget to sign up for the summer reading program to receive a free book, prizes and more.



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