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Jefferson County Public Library and Jefferson County Library Foundation congratulate Fran Loft and Sharon Klump on being named March Volunteer(s) of the Month.

Fran and Sharon have worked with the Golden History Project for over seven years. The history project and the Golden Library history collection are now transitioning to the City of Golden History Museums as part of the Golden Library remodel. Sharon and Fran's specialized knowledge of the project files is crucial to the history project, and so the two have agreed to accompany the files, and volunteer with the City of Golden Museums.

Their experience and expertise have substantially improved the project and the file system, making it much more user friendly. The two work as a team as they search local print and digital news sources, and copy fragile original documents to archival paper. Sharon and Fran have also given major input in the reorganization of the file system; the local history files became more quickly searchable because of their suggestions.

This dynamic duo is unflappable! They have worked through the noise and smell of a library roof replacement, the relocation of library offices, and the installation of the sorter. Their competent and cheerful approach to their volunteer work has made them favorites of library staff, and we are grateful for their help and their friendship.

Thank you, Fran and Sharon, for being dedicated volunteers and library supporters! We would like to recognize them for their outstanding volunteer efforts and for being such an important part of the JCPL and JCLF team!