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Jefferson County Public Library and Jefferson County Library Foundation congratulate Ali Gonzalez on being named March’s Volunteer of the Month.

“Library 2 You relies on its expansive team of volunteers to reach residents outside library walls.  Volunteers help select high interest materials for bookmobile shelves, select materials for people who cannot visit the library due to a disability, and complete routes throughout Jefferson County to deliver materials to Home Service patrons. 

Ali Gonzalez began her volunteer service with Library 2 You in 2014.  She quickly became the contributor of the highest amount of hours to the department—exceeding 20 hours in one month.  Ali’s attention to detail and desire to help led her to take on more tasks.  As a result, she has become a reliable asset to the department, one we count on for our routine tasks and special requests.  Ali took her service one step further by taking on a Home Service route once a month.  She delivers materials to five stops in Lakewood.  Most recently, Ali took on a second route which had lost its volunteer and remained unfilled.  Now she delivers to residents in Wheat Ridge, too.  She always asks what else she can do and will take on anything we offer.  Her spirit is an inspiration and her positive attitude a model for how to live life.”

– Cecilia LaFrance, Library 2 You Coordinator


Ali is energetic, willing to do anything, quick, has a sweet personality, and  is professional.  When she goes out to do deliver to homebound residents, she is about doing service and is memorable to the patrons.  She totally enjoys the library; she makes use of all the tools a library makes available.  She is a joy to work with and is dedicated.”

 –Jacob Browne and Sharon Williams, Library 2 You Team

“You all have seen her. She has this sweetest, gentlest smile. She helps out a lot in stocking up the bookmobile and helping Library 2 You staff’s mission to keep bringing fresh offerings to their clientele on a regular basis. No task is difficult for her. She takes on every task and every project with the same cheerful disposition with a tremendous amount of reliability and dependability.

She is none other than ALI – our wonderful Library 2 You volunteer. Ali is not a paid library staff member and yet she gives a lot of time every month to help with library tasks. She has now added on taking deliveries for patrons served by Library 2 You Home Services and providing transformative customer service.

Thank you Ali for infusing your gentle radiance and impacting Library 2 You and Library 2 You clientele. We are very grateful that you chose JCPL Library 2 You for your valuable voluntary contributions.”

– Padma Polepeddi, Manager

Thank you, Ali, for all that you do!  We would like to recognize her for her outstanding volunteer efforts and for being such an important part of the JCPL team!